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I would probably say something stupid. I fall in love easily. I have my weakness. I'm a dork, but you'll love me. I love when you smile. I'm trying to live my life. I have secrets. I make mistakes, I learn from it. I'm human. I have emotional. I forgive, but I don't forget. I believe everything happens for a reason. I don't judge. I can't get everything what I want. I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover but I will fight for love. I can please you. I love to laugh. I'm ready what this day/night brings me. I can party hard. I'm not a tease, just a reminder of what you can't have. I don't bite unless you're into that thing. I'm one in a million. I will not live in silence. I swear like a sailor. I love my soon-to-be-husband, my babies, daughter, brother, mom, and family, my boys/girls and my best friends. I love you. I will respect you if you respect me. I cherish our memories. I'm open to try anything new. I want to do craziest thing. I want to get inspired from you. I want to be your favorite hello & your hardest goodbye. I have many goals to accomplish. I'm friendly. I'm wild. I'm fearless. I'm free will. I'm a dreamer. I'm going to shine. I AM WHO I AM. And oh, by the way - I'm fucking awesome!


Happy Mothers Day to "ALL"?

Today is the 100th anniversary of the holiday we have come to know as Mother's Day. I love the concept of celebrating this special day by acknowledging all children and adults who still have their mothers with them, and are able to celebrate and embrace just how wonderful having a mother is. I have NO intention to bash anyone, I am just being more of a realist and while being able to see the general perspective of what Mother's Day means, I see another side of it, a slightly different perspective if you will, and after all, I am a realist. I'd like to start by pointing out some issues that I have, one being when people want to wish "ALL" mothers out there in the world a Happy Mother's Day. I have to say regarding this, and remember and keep in mind while I see your perspective and I respect it, I ask you to pay me the same respect in my perspective as I, have stated previous am being a realist. I hate to disappoint you. Not ALL mothers are great. I've seen this first hand and with my own eyes. Some mothers are great, yes indeed this is true, but not ALL. You probably either feel responsible or perhaps you're just being nice by not saying anything, but to say ALL mother's are great when in reality, we as a society know this to be untrue. People know the truth. My fatherhood has been robbed a few times during the course of my life. I have fought as hard as I knew humanly possible to stay in my daughter's life. Why do I have to fight so hard? In my culture, which is considered a minority, there's certain people I want to thank for making this happen because those people were able to see myself in my daughter's face. They told me, "Wow she looks lot like you. I don't think this other "father" is even a father to this child." So I took some action regarding these claims. I'm the person who stepped up and requested the DNA test while four other people refused to participate. I'm the one who also requested custody. It was suppose to be an easy custodial process, taking turns where each of us would have the ability to spend time with our own child. Of course this is never an easy process when children are involved. I think by this time, you as the reader should be able to put two and two together and are starting to see the whole picture. It's never that easy, because many Fathers out there allow a sort of "stereotyping" to take place on how society perceives fathers often being "unfit fathers". Society as well as the judicial system tends to side with the mother in most cases, however, not always and the belief is that children will be better off when placed with the mother. I have easily been filed away into that category. Anyone who knows me and knows my abilities as a father, knows that is not the case. I've never been that way to begin with. I don't have the ability to behave in such a manner, and that is not in my character whatsoever. I only can say to SOME, they do indeed deserve to be recognized because those mothers understand and know the true definition of what it means to be a mother and everything that goes along with it. To those mothers I applaud you. It is a HUGE responsibility and it takes maturity, and becoming an adult and being able to put your children first, in any situation. The same can be said for some fathers out there. I do know for a fact that some mothers don't want to allow some fathers the opportunity to be a good father to their children due to the mothers own selfish reasons. I happen to be a victim of that situation. It's unfortunate, indeed. I don't want to go on and on. I'm producing a book about my life. I only want to point it out in my personal blog so that people will see a different perspective and be a little more realistic in the words that they choose. It's not ALL mothers out there that you'd want to wish a Happy Mother's Day. I'll close by saying this and I stand behind it, "Happy Mother's Day to SOME of you out there". Enjoy your day with your special loved ones. 


Shame On You, deafREVIEW! (Update)

English transcribed for Hearing audience:

Hello, my name is Jasun. I want to bring something to your attention. It is very serious and a big concern. Earlier today I was on my Twitter account and saw that deafREVIEW posted something.... (view).

What do you see? @chickfila. That means mentioning somebody in Twitter. They mentioned them because they're letting Chick-fil-A know about their review on the site about their company. Did you know that Chick-fil-A has a long history with the LGBT community in a war-like state. The reason why they are in such state is because they use their profits to donate money to various religious-based organizations that are also often very much against the LGBT community. This has been a battle that the church state has put up as an important fight against the LGBT community for a long time now.

My concern is that deafREVIEW has endorsed the company and this brings the idea of oppression into the picture. This is wrong and definitely not something that I feel good about. Now, let's look at the site by itself. We should definitely support deafREVIEW because it is a Deaf based organization that does essentially the same thing as YELP. I love the concept and think it's a great resource for the community to have.

I'm going to back up a little bit. When I saw that, I spent a lot of time thinking. And when you see the link, that is the blog post that I wrote. Then deafREVIEW responded to my tweet sharing that link and tagging deafREVIEW. They used the reasoning - censorship, to claim that they can't remove the post. That is besides the point. I explained very clearly in my blog. In ASL, when you look at a Straight Deaf man, he faces oppression, burden of oppression. Let's say it's an inch tall. When you look at a Gay man and see the amount of oppression he faces, it is twice as much.

This means both areas are oppressive upon me. Whenever a person goes to Chick-fil-A and posts on deafREVIEW and shares that the restaurant has great customer service with Deaf people, people are going to respond positively to that and go to support the organization. This is basically free publicity for the restaurant and the money that is used to spend money in the restaurant will become blood money. The ad is helping Chick-fil-A gain more customers. This could range between 10-100 customers. Now, the more money they get, the more money that is donated for organizations that are oppressive towards a smaller percentage of your community, the Deaf-LGBT community.

The LGBT community has had a long fight with various social justice issues that come to the point of human rights. The more money donated to these organizations means the more oppression the LGBT community will have to put up with. This means a longer battle and more struggle and suffering on our part. Why would deafREVIEW promote an anti-LGBT organization? This isn't fair and I want us to stop that.

Chick-fil-A has donated over 25,000 dollars to an organization pushing congress to NOT condemn the Uganda's "Kill The Gays" bill. This means more and more LGBT individuals in Uganda will die because of this money. deafREVIEW, you have two choices. The first is - from now on, be consistent with not allowing any anti-LGBT organizations be reviewed on your site and remove Chick-fil-A off your site as well. Also I would like to see an apology issued to the Deaf-LGBT community for such actions.

Or... You don't give a fuck.


Shame On You, deafREVIEW!

In our Deaf, Hearing, LGBT and allies community - we DON'T allow the enabling of oppressive and inhumane behavior within our community. deafREVIEW enables anti-LGBT behavior in publicity and encourages the oppressors to be a patron at Chick-Fil-A when they are against the Deaf LGBT community. I must ask you to look at this as community accountability and a social responsibility to identify and expose real example of oppressive and inhumane behaviors. Promoting "deaf-friendly" for Deaf-LGBT community? Shame on you, deafREVIEW.


Cochlear Implant Porn

English transcribed for Hearing audience can be found at: TSG


Sorenson and LGBT Community: TRUTH EXPOSED!

Disclaimer: This video was made before we knew that Diana Lewis did not work for Sorenson communications anymore. We still believe it is important to share so the community can decide how they feel about Sorenson Communications allowing their employees to spend money on organizations that support the idea that the LGBT community does not deserve the same rights.

For full English transcribed go to: TSG
More evidences can be found here: Sorenson Communication, LLC / Sorenson Media


No Make Up Challenge + Nomination = STUPID!

English transcribed for Hearing audience:

A few days ago, I starting to see my female friends on my Facebook feed posting "selfie" with no make up challenge then start circulating with nominations. I know this may seem harsh to you but you're no better either because what you are doing, it's a really mean thing to do as well. What does a "no make up challenge" selfie have to do with those who are sick losing their hair and going through chemo and whatnot? Your "no make up challenge" selfie to me is like rubbing it in their faces that you have hair and it's beautiful and got nothing to show for. The posting picture without makeup to "support" cancer is stupid and mean. In this social media era, Selfie's have become popular. For you all that do this, you might think or believe your intentions are good. In reality, from my observation, it's "on purpose" your part is told loud and clear - VAIN, that! Why not, go to the hospital and volunteer your time to make a difference? Post your "no make up challenge" selfie for what cause? No money has been raised on Facebook, nada. No real action on Facebook but really it's just all about vanity. You have 10, 20, 50 or 100 likes, whoopie - who fucking cares?! Lots of people out there are suffering everyday. Do something real! I have three friends who have had cancer, they are all survivors. Cancer is no laughing matter of course, you know that already. The point is, the doctors ask them if they really want to live - they will have to follow certain instructions carefully. The instructions are similar to this-ALL GREEN foods, organic vegetables and fruits. Nothing else. They have survived. Basically, all the foods you have consumed at various places you have dined at, or cooked at home, are chemical, GMO's which are Monsanto made. You know, smoking causes cancer right? You will smoke, yes or no? If yes, you will know the consequences right? If not, good for you! Same thing with food, it's your responsibility to research where the food comes from if it's "man/womyn-made", don't eat that shit. It's like, having a loaded gun in your bowl, pull up and shoot yourself in the mouth. You will get what you get. That's my theory based on my observation, experience and what I have witnessed first hand. (If I'm wrong, supply me with actual proof that I'm wrong. Any USA websites, they are sort of useless and irrelevant. Please use outside USA sources, and I'll be happy to say you're right!) Now, back to your "no make up challenge" - you feel good enabling others to keep doing what they are doing? They have suffered enough already. They are people, they are beautiful inside and out. I'm giving you my perspective from outside of this ridiculous trend. C'mon, people you can do better than that. Interesting facts about make up, ALL make up are made from living creature shit. It's true you probably don't even realize what makeup is actually made from. Don't believe me? Do your homework!

LINK: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/theres-no-bravery-in-no-makeup-selfies-20140327-35lyx.html


Anthony Mowl

English transcribed for Hearing Audience:

This is for Anthony Mowl, HELLO!

I want to respond to a few things you stated in your vlog.

Please keep an open mind.

You said: The purpose of this video was to apologize.

My response: You are apologizing 5 years later? Why now? Is it because you now represent CSD? People have already started talking about you. Yes, it is unfortunate, especially for you. Your apology is too late, really.

You said: That time, I recently graduated from college, blah blah blah.

My response: All of the sudden, you have redirected to your journey? You still think you're not guilty? You played with that money, and consequences come with it.

You said: You thought you helped the Deaf community? Your "My" consequences?

My response: We both work for Deaf company, right? Of course, we take such huge pride, cultural pride, deaf pride. I work for you, you're my big boss, you destroyed the pride, you robbed my pride. you took my deaf pride and destroyed it. Many client have emailed me asking if I was one of them. I have had to say, that it wasn't me over, and over and over. What a humiliating and belittling experience. I had to deal with the Viable consequences too, and the amount owed to me and as well as the rest of the Viable employees too.

Don't you forget that!

You said: "My goal" is to help the deaf community.

My response: Whoa, wait, hold on! What goal? Did you mean White Privilege much? Sure!

You said: I understand you're angry, I'm sorry!

My response: You're right - I'm angry, sure. Over the year, my anger has gone away little by little. Your apology seems to be not genuine enough.

A final statement: On a final note, I googled your name, it came out like this.


(Picture description: type www.google.com - type anthony mowl the drop down menu automatically came out with "anthony mowl sentencing", "anthony mowl", "anthony mowl deaf", "anthony mowl viable" and "anthony mowl guilty".)

Nothing good about you. You still have long way to go. Hopefully in a few years, all those good things you said you will do, will show on google. I am very much looking forward to that!

Now, how do we begin the healing process? Hmm.... I must say in order to move forward...

...I forgive you, Anthony Mowl.


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